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Do You Struggle With Your Finances?

 Did Your Last Investment Flop?


 Do You Have Money Sitting Around Earning Next to Nothing?


 Does Financial Planning Make Your Brain Hurt?


 Is it time to get a Plan for Your Future?

 Do you need a better plan to save?


 Are you worried about running out of money?


 Do you feel like time is running out?


 Do you feel like everything coming in is going out?

Do you need a comprehensive plan for your finances? We can help you!

Life Benefits Works for Families, Individuals, Professionals and Business Owners


Employers Individuals Law Enforcement Personnel
Employees Non-Profits Retired Military
Business Owners Medical Professionals Some Active Military
Retirees Athletes Families


If you spend money, you need Life Benefits.


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Protect your future and
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properly designed Life Insurance.


Keep your money where
it will earn a guaranteed return
and be available for easy access.


Pay off your bad debt
and manage your good debt
with the Life Benefits Formula™.

Discover the Life Benefits Formula™ that has helped
so many like you create financial success


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What Makes Life Benefits So Different?

Life Benefits is revolutionary because it teaches you to STOP trusting the "Experts" with your money, and take control of your finances yourself. Hundreds of individuals have saved millions of dollars with what is now known as the Life Benefits Formula™. But, how can you know if you're doing it right?  The answer is to get a plan for your finances.

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    We know how hard it is to manage your finances correctly and have helped hundreds of small businesses and individuals get a plan for their finances. We understand that having no plan is having a plan to fail, that's why when you get a plan for your finances, your money will start working for you,  your financial stability will be converted into financial security and your peace of mind will flow into all areas of your life.

    We offer a complimentary personal meeting session where we'll help you develop a plan for your finances. Dr. Tom McFie is the founder of Life Benefits and creator of the Life Benefits Formula™.  Dr. Tom has studied economics for decades and understands how money works. He’s consulted with hundreds of individuals and companies to help them get a plan for their finances. Dr. Tom isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. He created the Life Benefits Formula™ to help him share the financial strategies he implemented in his own companies and the process which resulted in him creating financial stability and recovering 40% of his overhead in the first year. Since then he’s gone on to consult with hundreds of small businesses and individuals. Hundreds of Dr. Tom’s clients have dramatically changed their financial situation for the better after implementing the Life Benefits Formula™.

    In your personal meeting with Dr. Tom, you will:

    1. Learn a proven financial formula that has been used by thousands of successful businesses and individuals. You will understand what makes some people so financially successful, while others are failing.

    2. See how this formula that has been used by the world’s top companies

    3. Start applying this formula to your finances. Life Benefits will help you create a plan for your finances that works.

    Money grows only when it is being managed effectively. Once you get a plan for your finances, your wealth will begin to grow. People and companies that get a specific plan for their finances win.  Apply for personal meeting today and spend 45minutes with Dr. Tomas McFie to get your plan started. Why? Because nobody is going to manage your finances like you will once you understand these financial principles.