Building Your Warehouse of Wealth

A Grassroots Method of Avoiding Fractional Reserve Banking—Think About it!

by R. Nelson Nash

The second work of the author who made the terms, “IBC, the Infinite Banking Concept” and “Becoming your own Banker” and “BYOB” such common search words on the internet today.

For those who have never had the privilege of attending a workshop taught by R. Nelson Nash this work is for you. Nash has recorded, in this short essay, his philosophical, spiritual and political views. This work explains why Nash has become so revered by many who share his same beliefs and world view.

The biography of the author’s life is fascinating and is a compelling enough reason to own this work if nothing else but for the admiration of how Nash abetted the re-popularization of a product which had come under false disparagement but which historically has proven one of the best financial assets to own and utilize, namely participating whole life insurance.

Todd Langford’s contribution to Building Your Warehouse of Wealth in chapter 9 is worth the entire price of the book many times over. His thesis on “The Top 10 Reasons NOT to BUY Equity Indexed Universal Life” is invaluable because so many agents are pushing this product as a viable alternative to participating whole life insurance. Although Equity Indexed Universal Life insurance may be a viable product in and of its self it is not a viable alternative to participating whole life insurance. Therefore Building Your Warehouse of Wealth is highly recommended if for no other reason than this diligent piece of research by Langford.

Review by Tomas McFie

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