God Wants You To Be Rich

by Paul Zane Pilzer

Pilzer provides a compelling argument in God Wants You To Be Rich and then backs it up with Biblical references, personal and other case examples, along with the practicality of implementing his main argument.

One of the best lines in the book is where he states:

“But savings is more than a commendable habit. It is a personal act of faith…A person who denies current comfort and pleasure for future happiness is demonstrating his or her belief in a destiny that can be controlled and improved.”

In today’s gloom and doom economy where the media attempts to focus people’s attention on what is bad, wrong and not going right, Pilzer encourages the reader to focus on a brighter methodology. God Wants You To Be Rich solidly recommends what one needs to do in order to pull themselves up out of the gloom and doom that surrounds them.

God Wants You To Be Rich is a very thought provoking book and could prove beneficial to many regardless of their beliefs regarding the Biblical references and quotes Pilzer uses throughout the book.

Review by Tomas McFie

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