Killing Sacred Cows

by Garrett B. Gunderson with Stephen Palmer

The purpose of this book, as the authors mention in last chapter, “…is to get us to stop and think about the advice we hear instead of quietly internalizing it.”

Such sound advice is barely audible in the financial sector today. What is right for somebody is not right for everybody. The 9 myths which Gunderson and Palmer kill in this book are just a handful of the many myths that are propagated today. Therefore their admonition to the reader to think is well worth the price of the book itself.

But don’t be fooled into believing that the only message Killing Sacred Cows contains is encouraging you to think because the book dispels many ideas which have been sold as gospel truth: For example; the Law of Scarcity and how it has been interpreted, buy and hold techniques, that debt is always bad, that high risks equal high profits, and other philosophies which in reality have become “Sacred Cows” due for slaughter.

The reader will be well rewarded by this read.

Review by Tomas McFie

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