Money for Life

by Jeffery Reeves and Agon Fly

Money for Life is one of only three fully indexed resource books (Prescription for Wealth and Winning Your Financial GAME being the other two) that I have discovered which encourages people to use the value of participating whole life insurance as a financial tool for the purposed of self-financing. As the index of a book speaks directly of its reference value I highly recommend this book to everybody that is thinking about, or who is actively, using participation whole life insurance for the purpose of self-financing.

Reeves and Fly do a fantastic job of explaining the reasons why and how you can leverage cash values in life insurance and also acknowledge that participating whole life is not the only life insurance product that can be used in this process. Never the less, they don’t recommend the other products which can be used because they rightly observe that those other products don’t have a long enough historical data trail to verify that they can hold up under the self-financing practice model.

Reeves’ and Fly’s research is impeccable as far as I can verify, and they are the only other resource, except my own research, which I have found that documents the insurance holiday declared in 1933 which was similar to the banking holiday declared by FDR. The similarity between these two financial holidays is compared in Appendix-C of Money for Life and should be understood by anybody who realizes that history is recorded for us to learn from because it often repeats itself.

Review by Tomas McFie

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