The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation

by John E. Girouard

Girouard’s book The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation is one of the top five books I recommend for people to read, own, and study. With specific examples and solid evidence, Girouard takes the reader, who may have little or no understanding of financial matters, towards becoming an individual who has the ability to make safe, sound and secure financial decisions. That alone is worth the cost of the book several times over, yet the book contains much more than that. But don’t think that The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation is for financial dummies! Girouard has a financial track record which many a weathered financial guru or trader would envy. It is this wisdom that Girouard shares and it is this wisdom that is priceless.

The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation expounds on everything from: Ownership to financial independence; with marketing, debt, insurance, rates of return, opportunity cost, cost versus price, and money flow being just some of the topics he tackles and clearly explains to the reader in detail.

The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation, along with all of Girouard’s pieces printed in Forbes Magazine and are highly recommended to anybody who loves life and wants to make their own life and the lives of those around them better than they are today.

Review by Tomas McFie

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