Whole Life Insurance

What it is:
Whole life insurance is a permanent type of insurance that provides a death benefit for your WHOLE life. It is a guaranteed contract with tax-free growth and ready access to cash values.

Guaranteed life insurance protection that will not expire as long as premiums and loan interest are paid.
Builds guaranteed Cash Value that is readily accessible
No restrictions on how the Cash Values are used
Potential to earn Dividends (only available with Mutual Companies)
Customizable to meet specific needs and affordability
Optional riders may be added to help pay for critical and terminal illness, disability, etc.

Premiums depend on age, health and risk factors of the insured at the time the policy is issued and can be designed to remain fixed, decrease or even stop during the life of the insured.

Who is it for:
For those who want to leave a financial legacy, build guaranteed tax-free growth and have access to their money