4 Simple Strategies for Wealth...

...took us from near-Bankrupt 10 years ago to Financial Freedom

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About Mark and Ronica Dealy

After being in business for 20 years, my wife, Ronica, and I were discouraged with traditional methods of investing for retirement. Instead of government qualified plans helping us, we realized they were actually robbing us of our wealth because of fees, taxes and gross misrepresentations of these plans. We had no workable plan, and we had 6 figures of debt on credit cards.

In 2008, we met the McFies. We found we shared some similar values, and they taught us the importance of a successful financial strategy.

Ronica and I spent the next decade implementing that strategy. Our “bad” debt is now gone. Along the way, we were able to build up our savings so we would have the means to deal with emergencies which allowed us to stop the cycle of debt growth in its tracks.

During this process, I became a Mentor at Life Benefits to teach others how to implement personalized wealth building strategies for their own lives.  

When not serving clients, Ronica and I serve in a marriage ministry for distressed marriages. We both enjoy our family and friends. We like reading, taking walks, traveling and an assortment of hobbies.

Mark Dealy


Life Benefits provides financial solutions to maximize wealth for families, individuals, professionals and businesses in all 50 states. 

Document Review

Get your documents reviewed by a team of legal professionals to see if they are really protecting your best interests.  

Scope of review covers: Trusts, Wills, POA, Buy-Sell Agreements, and similar documents within the context of United States Law.  

Please note that we will not recommend changes to your legal documents, but we can suggest you look closer at certain areas based on this review.  

Talk to Mark to arrange this complimentary review.

Strategy Session

A complimentary 45-minute meeting with Mark Dealy. This is the best way to find out if the Perpetual Wealth Code™ can work for you.

We want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself, your family and/or your business. 

After your Strategy Session, there is no obligation for you to work with us and we have no obligation to work with you.

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