Choices and More Choices – Where are the Guarantees?

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Choices and More Choices – Where are the Guarantees?

Life Insurance, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Low Fees, Lower Fees, – hey even Negative Fees now! 💫 Risk, Risk Management, Risk tolerance… how in the world do you know what to do, let alone know how the results will turn out?

Only by building on a foundation of Guarantees can you navigate the financial world with any sort of confidence. No mortal can tell you exactly how the future will turn out. Accept this truth and protect yourself from volatility, then take a cue from 🍔 Burger King and 🍟 McDonalds, and you’ll be able to bypass most financial advice (and shenanigans) no problem.

Truth can be tricky to search out; it is very simple and logical when you find it. Manage your own money and this can mean lots of extra $ that stay in your pocket rather than subsidizing superfluous money managers.

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