Income Driven Repayment Options for Your Student Loans

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Income Driven Repayment Options for Your Student Loans

You’ve heard of income-based repayment aka income-driven repayment plans for student loans. Do they apply to you? How do you know what income driven plan is best for you?

What about the tax liability when the loan is forgiven? Is it really worth jumping through all the recertification hoops? Will you have to limit your service potential to keep your income low enough to qualify?

Or could there be a strategy for you that ties it all together and gives you a better deal?

Maybe you can save enough cashflow over the next 20-25 years to take care of the tax liability with no problem. Maybe you can turn your debt into an asset and actually have “money saved” to show for your effort when everything is done. There is a strategy, and this show will help you discover what you need to know.

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