Krish Dhanam – How Your World View Affects Your Thinking and Wealth

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Krish Dhanam – How Your World View Affects Your Thinking and Wealth

Few people in the world can define and highlight, social paradigms so clearly as Krish Dhanam, your special guest on this show. Krish is entertaining as he brings a wealth a knowledge and understanding of multiple world views, into wonderful perspective so you can apply the lessons in real life.

You might be thinking: “Why are you talking anthropology on a Wealth podcast?” Because, Popularity ≠ Truth and the popular definition of truth as something relative, is a social issue of our time, with far-reaching reverberations; absolutely affecting your wealth and prosperity.

Creating wealth requires you to connect with people. When you connect with people it’s important to find common ground where you can agree upon certain absolute truths in order to work together effectively. When you understand different world views and how people are thinking, you’ll be able to make more quality connections. Some people do this instinctively. When you understand the process consciously, it is empowering and exciting.


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