Riding a Bicycle and Good Money Management

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Riding a Bicycle and Good Money Management

He straddled the bicycle for the first time, set his feet on the pedals and rode serenely away into the glowing sunset. Oh if only it was that easy! It isn’t of-course, because, like everything, there is a learning curve.

Is it possible to eliminate the learning curve on a bicycle by learning everything you can about it?
What if you learned the way the shifter worked, the way the derailleur, the chain the sprocket, the cassette, the front brake and the back brake worked. What if you looked up a video on bicycling 101 and even read an entire book on bicycling for dummies, would the learning curve be eliminated? No! Decreased? Yes, but eliminated? Emphatically no!

So how does all this relate to good money management? Listen to the episode now!

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