Special Interview on the Wealth Cruise with Krish Dhanam and Dr. John Bergman

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Special Interview on the Wealth Cruise with Krish Dhanam and Dr. John Bergman

Conversation with Krish Dhanam and Dr. John Bergman highlighting some of the wonderful experiences and content from the 2019 Wealth Cruise.🚢

From financial wealth building to world views and knowledge for cultivating physical health and well-being, this cruise reflects a recognition that humans are tridimensional in nature with Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects. To achieve real and sustainable wealth you have to become successful in all 3 dimensions.

Mentally you can design a strategy to create financial wealth and exercise discipline to follow your plans and make important adjustments along the way.

Physically you want to recognize when your body is stressed and how that could affect your ability to perform and experience life at your full potential.

Fundamental world views (aka spiritual beliefs) affect your work ethic, and give you the dignity to serve and do the things you need to do in the other two dimensions.

Ultimately you want to grow in a balanced way. Krish Dhanam explains the wheel of life and how this can help you develop a large “wheel” in a balanced way without getting side tracked by circular logic or passing emotional desires.


Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life – How does Your Life Measure?  >>>> 

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