Wealth Redistribution: Where The Idea Came From and What It Means For You

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Wealth Redistribution: Where The Idea Came From and What It Means For You

From the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis, through Greek Culture, even through the Dark Ages, and now through modern day Marxism in America, humans often think it is wrong to be wealthy. They think it might be better to redistribute the wealth. Maybe everyone could enjoy prosperity equally and fairly – it sounds really nice.

But life isn’t equal or fair, so what’s the best solution? Today you’ll hear some history around the idea of Wealth Redistribution and the different forms it assumes throughout history. This discussion makes several references to the Bible.

Basically you can choose from 3 systems:

  • Socialist/Communist system = Direct Redistribution by government
  • Capitalist system = Redistribution through markets, services and charity
  • Neo-Capitalist or “Crony” Capitalist = Redistribution through manipulated markets

Consider how these three systems distribute and redistribute wealth and then you’ll be able to make better sense of the wealth in your life to manage it wisely.


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