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Life Insurance Sales

We sell Participating Whole Life and Convertible Term insurance. We design each product specifically for your life needs and legacy.   Schedule a Meeting »

Lifetime Personal Service

Never again worry about being out on your own with products you don't know how to use. We're just a phone call or email away; you can expect a response Mon-Thurs within 48hrs.

The Perpetual Wealth Code™

Life Benefits' signature collection of timeless truths and money management strategies to increase your wealth and quality of life TODAY while creating a legacy for the next generation.  » Read More

Financial Education

We love creating educational materials for you to learn, explore and discover financial strategies that will help you become a better manager of your money. Explore our » Learning Center to get started

Personal Meeting

Request a One-on-One Personal Strategy Session to answer any of your questions, customize your financial strategy and get ideas. This is a complimentary service we offer to you. » Request Meeting

Life Insurance Policy Review

Already have a policy? Looking for a new policy? Want to understand it better? Need a GAME Plan? Get a reliable, quick and easy assessment now. Schedule Review »

Custom Financial Blueprint

Stop guessing about your financial future. Make sure you're on track, knowing the next step to reach your dreams with an exclusive custom blueprint designed specifically for you.

Tools & Software

The Loan Manager is your one-stop premier software program for tracking loans as assets. This software was designed and developed by Life Benefits' Team Member John McFie. » Details

Info & Publications

Weekly Blog and Podcast, the Living Richly Newsletter, Videos and more. Master exactly what you need to know and never have to blindly trust a financial planner, life insurance agent or investment broker ever again. Subscription Options »


Basic and Advanced strategies for growing AND protecting your wealth.  Contact us to find out where the next event near you is  » Contact

Other Concepts

Infinite Banking Concept, Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank On Yourself, etc.  We have first-hand knowledge and experience with these concepts and institutions.  Although these institutions have tried to recruit us we have chosen to remain independent because… » Read More

Disability Insurance

Imagine you're suddenly unable to work. Without an income, you quickly exhaust your savings and undermine your family's financial security. Disability Insurance ensures your earned income. We can provide you with expertise, quotes, comparisons for Disability Insurance. Contact us for a Quote »

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It's no secret. The financial industry has a black eye over service and a great shortage of warm-blooded caring people! Agents and planners often disappear or fade in the background after a sale because they are busy pushing on to their next sale and the next commission. Even if they mean the best for their clients this is a serious oversight.

You deserve better.  We reveal truth, and empower people to enjoy the wealth and freedom they were created to enjoy, providing 5-Star Lifetime Service and giving up over 60% of possible commissions to design products that will start working for you today instead of only years later.

But don't take our word for it check out the reviews from happy clients below.

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We are independent agents who represent several mutual life insurance companies.

As independent agents we have complete liberty to search and select the product that best fits your needs instead of trying to use a one size fits all approach to design your policy. These insurance companies pay us a commission to design and sell their products, so we do not charge fees for this. We are also happy to service your policy, assisting you with correspondence with the insurance company, no charge.

We do offer other services which may have a fee associated with them, but these are elective services. You will be informed of any service that may incur a fee ahead of time. The bottom line is that insurance companies pay commissions to their agents that design and sell insurance policies. You shouldn't have to pay an agent, including one of our agents, to design an insurance policy for you.

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