NEW: How to Build Sustainable Wealth

Financial planners try to predict the future. Realistically you could classify them as sophisticated fortune-tellers. This book gives you the knowledge you need to build sustainable wealth, fire your financial planner and have peace of mind about your financial future.
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Winning Your Financial GAME - Book & Study Guide

Also known as the book Dr. Tom McFie wrote to answer every question he's ever been asked about the Perpetual Wealth Code™!  Complete with charts and illustrations this is the "playbook" every American should own.
The Study Guide will help you define and outline your next steps for Winning Your Financial GAME.
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Prescription For Wealth - Book

Easy to read, this book is the perfect introduction to The Perpetual Wealth Code™.
First published in 2011 this book continues to be an extremely popular item among those looking to implement the Perpetual Wealth Code™ in their lives.
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Retirement Curveball - Book

For everyone planning to retire someday, this book details multiple retirement strategies and their unforeseen curveballs. Add this book to your collection now, and plan ahead to make your golden years more prosperous and enjoyable.
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Understanding the Infinite Banking Concept

The Infinite Banking Concept, also known as Becoming Your Own Banker, is a powerful idea and has been used by thousands of people in the past few decades. But when Infinite Banking is used incorrectly people lose money. Important read before starting with the concept.
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Wealth Attraction Package

Bundle and Save!  With audio, video and reading material The Wealth Attraction Package combines many of our best resources.
Includes: Prescription For Wealth, Winning Your Financial GAME & Study Guide, Retirement Curveball, Children's books and more.
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What I Heard In the Hall - Children's Hardcover Book

Wealth is more than right, make good choices and pick quality friends.  What I Heard In The Hall offers valuable life lessons for children of all ages. 
Written and illustrated in a "Dr. Suess-ish" style this book is sure to entertain audiences anywhere.
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Grandma's Coffee Can - Children's Hardcover Book

A book written for children...and parents too!  Based on a true story about Great, Great Grandmother and her wily neighbor, this book not only captures the attention of all ages, but it also teaches a real life lesson about wealth, giving and honesty. Includes discussion questions.
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Wealth Summit Recording 2018

Re-live the Wealth Summit through the recording! Although nothing can ever come close to the live Wealth Summit experience, everyone will agree the professional video recording is the next best thing. Digital Access.
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Prescription for Wealth - Free Audiobook (Digital Download)

Winning YFG Audiobook

This is the Audio version of Prescription for Wealth.

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The "Everything" DVD

This DVD features the recording of a live webinar presentation entitled "Everything you need to know about the Perpetual Wealth Code™".

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Winning Your Financial GAME - Audiobook (Digital Download)

Winning YFG Audiobook

Especially recorded for those who love to  listen, this is the Audio version of Winning Your Financial GAME.

Audiobooks make a great gift for people with drive time.



Winning Messages

This spiral bound booklet contains full color images for each of the Winning Messages found in the book, Winning Your Financial GAME.
For a quick Easy reference, this booklet is a must-have.

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