Dr. Terryl Wolfswinkel

Born in N.W. Iowa the oldest of eight children, Dr. Terryl knew at an early age that he was called to serve others.  The path he chose was to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

He graduated in 1984 and opened a solo practice in Oskaloosa, Iowa.  His practice has continued to thrive and grow but he was frustrated by the fact that his investments and savings were not growing like the experts told him they should.

Dr. Terryl learned a hard lesson in the market crash of 2008, but the experience opened the door for a new mentor Dr. Tom McFie.  With Dr. Tom’s help, Dr. Terryl discovered the power of the Perpetual Wealth Code and finally acquired the financial insight he had been searching for.

With his dedication to serving others, Dr. Terryl is excited to help others take control of their finances and their lives.


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