Trump Is Wrong: Middle Class Gets a Big Raise!

That is, of course, if you believe CNN Money’s spin on the new jobs data.

Here’s the way CNN spun this one.  “Trump is wrong”[i] because Trump says Americans are earning $4,000 less than they were earning in 2000, on average.  Obviously this little tidbit is true or Trump would have been called out on the facts of the point long ago.  But because median income rose between 2014 and 2015, by a few hundred dollars, CNN Money is classifying this as a big raise and there is no longer a $4,000 gap between 2000 and 2016 average income.  CNN Money’s conclusion…Trump is lying.

But what CNN doesn’t bother to tell you is that income levels are still lower than they were in 2000 or even 1999 to be accurate.  And being accurate is much more important than being precise because you can precisely measure things all day long, but if your measurements are not accurate you’ll never get the desired results. (This is an old chemistry fact where we learned the difference between being accurate and precise could mean the difference between creating the reaction you were intending to create or blowing your head off.) Tragically, if we assess income only, wages are lower today than they were in the 1970’s!  So CNN may be precise but Trump’s point is that wages are still lower today than they were in 2000, and that is the take home message.  People are still hurting financially!

Spinning the facts can make you dizzy if you aren’t focused on the truth.  And that is exactly how money managers, bankers, and the like spin stories around; average rate of returns, market averages and projected gain, in order to hoodwink you into investing with them.  As masters of spin they can make their projections look so good it will be difficult for you to determine what the truth is about your money if you aren’t grounded firmly in reality.

Over 100 years ago Vladimir Lenin declared, “A lie spoken often enough will be construed as the truth.”  And today the lie being spun by the money changers remains unchanged though it can be told differently each time.  But here is the big lie laid bare for all to see and be aware:

“You profit at somebody else’s expense.”

This is the lie that supports the notion that you can “invest” a few dollars, nothing too inconvenient of course, and realize a profit multiple times over what you “invested.”  This is the lie that leads many to believe that savings is not as important as assuming risk.  This is the lie that keeps the masses in poverty, while those who really understand and see through the lie, continue to add to their portfolios.   This is the lie that is so appealing and so sweet it prevents a society from realizing the truth.  But the truth is, “Nothing is ever made at the expense of someone else.”  And money gained at the expense of someone else has always been defined as theft not production.  Of course, theft always causes a greater financial disparity among society’s members not greater equality.

The only way to provide an economic shift towards prosperity for all, is for the truth to be realized and acted upon.

Saving more and learning to leverage your savings without paying the price of the money changers is the only way to provide future prosperity and liberty.

Otherwise the elite few will continue to control and retain the money that they gain access to by perpetuating the big lie.  The good news is that you can learn the truth and you can leverage your savings without paying the price tag the money changers charge.  And that means you can produce greater prosperity and grander freedom.   All it takes is your desire, determination and a little knowledge which we can provide you when you call 702-660-7000.

[i] CNN Money: The Middle Class Gets a Big Raise…Finally, Tami Luhby, 9-13-2016