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How to Convert your Term Insurance to Whole Life Insurance
Term Conversion made simple. Michele McFie shares how to convert your convertible Term Insurance into a permanent life insurance policy that will build Cash Value…
How Life Insurance Works
Whole Life, Universal Life, One Year Renewable Term, Level Premium Term
Reading An Illustration
What things to look for to understand policy illustrations
Retirement Income Strategies
This is a short clip from John McFie's presentation about Retirement Income Strategies at the 2017 Wealth Summit. Enjoy!
Funding College Education
This is a story about two teenagers Liam and Emily, who paid for their college expenses by either using a 529 plan and a student…
Premium Financing (Stacking and Laddering Policies)
How it works and more importantly, is it profitable?
Developing a Wealthy Mindset
Developing a Wealth Mindset, and attracting more money.
Taking a Policy Loan
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Paying Back a Policy Loan (Beginner)
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