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Build Wealth and Keep it… Like the Bankers
Why invest your money with the “Bankers” and let them risk it all, when you could be using the same powerful tool that they personally…
How to Convert your Term Insurance to Whole Life Insurance
Term Conversion made simple. Michele McFie shares how to convert your convertible Term Insurance into a permanent life insurance policy that will build Cash Value…
Indexed Universal Life vs Whole Life
Three things to understand about IUL policies: The return assumed in an IUL policy is not the return that your cash value increases by. There…
How Life Insurance Works
Whole Life, Universal Life, One Year Renewable Term, Level Premium Term
Reading An Illustration
What things to look for to understand policy illustrations
Universal life policy vs. Whole Life Policy
Gracine compares a Universal Life contract vs. a Whole Life Contract
Universal Life Insurance
Misconceptions that you need to know about if you, or someone you know, owns or is looking at any kind of Universal Life policy.
10 Pay Whole Life Insurance Comparison
A good way to fund your Perpetual Wealth Code?
Premium Financing (Stacking and Laddering Policies)
How it works and more importantly, is it profitable?
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