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How to Build a Secure Financial Foundation
The most critical piece of your financial plan is the foundation. If you get a sturdy foundation, everything you add has increased reach and effectiveness.…
The Perpetual Wealth Code
Explanation of The Perpetual Wealth Code
6 Things that will Keep You from Building Sustainable Wealth – and How to Overcome Them
To build sustainable wealth you must learn how to overcome the six hurdles that prevent people from building sustainable wealth. You have to learn how…
Fun with Real Estate by Tom McFie
How the numbers work out
10-20-70 Rule
How the 10-20-70 Rule works with the Perpetual Wealth Code
Retirement Income Strategies
This is a short clip from John McFie's presentation about Retirement Income Strategies at the 2017 Wealth Summit. Enjoy!
Premium Financing (Stacking and Laddering Policies)
How it works and more importantly, is it profitable?
Developing a Wealthy Mindset
Developing a Wealth Mindset, and attracting more money.
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