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How to Convert your Term Insurance to Whole Life Insurance
Term Conversion made simple. Michele McFie shares how to convert your convertible Term Insurance into a permanent life insurance policy that will build Cash Value…
Student Loan Debt Solution
Growth of Student Loan Debt over the past decade has been 212.5% greater than wages! This means that a student working a part-time job and…
You’ve Got to Get Started
Ben McFie explains the Power of getting started NOW
Indexed Universal Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance is often overlooked when it comes to financial planning. Typical financial planning says, “buy term and invest the difference.” Few people actually…
How Does Life Insurance Work?
Whole Life, Universal Life, One Year Renewable Term, Level Premium Term
Fun with Real Estate by Tom McFie
How the numbers work out
Reading An Illustration
What things to look for to understand policy illustrations
Covered Calls with Max
Things to understand about Covered Calls to be successful.
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