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Universal Life Insurance
Misconceptions that you need to know about if you, or someone you know, owns or is looking at any kind of Universal Life policy.
10 Pay Whole Life Insurance Comparison
A good way to fund your Perpetual Wealth Code?
How to Maximize Cash Value in Whole Life Insurance
The most efficient way to maximize Cash Value in Whole Life Insurance
Funding College Education
This is a story about two teenagers Liam and Emily, who paid for their college expenses by either using a 529 plan and a student…
The Perpetual Wealth Code
Explanation of The Perpetual Wealth Code
A Budget System that works FINALLY!
How the 10-20-70 Budget System works and how to track it
Premium Financing (Stacking and Laddering Policies)
How it works and more importantly, is it profitable?
The Automatic Millionaire
Demonstration of how Financial Gurus' advice doesn't turn out as projected.
Everything You Should Know About The Perpetual Wealth Code™
With Dr. Tomas McFie, Ben McFie and Dustin mathews
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