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Funding College Education
This is a story about two teenagers Liam and Emily, who paid for their college expenses by either using a 529 plan and a student…
The Perpetual Wealth Code
Explanation of The Perpetual Wealth Code
Premium Financing (Stacking and Laddering Policies)
How it works and more importantly, is it profitable?
Everything You Should Know About The Perpetual Wealth Code™
With Dr. Tomas McFie, Ben McFie and Dustin mathews
Game Tip-Off Replay
How to Win Your Financial GAME with Tom McFie
Developing a Wealthy Mindset
Developing a Wealth Mindset, and attracting more money.
Will my Death Benefits pay if I have a Policy Loan?
What happens if you die with an outstanding loan against your policy
Taking a Policy Loan
Next Video Paying Back a Policy Loan »
Paying Back a Policy Loan (Beginner)
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