Your Rx for Wealth by Becoming Your Own Banker

Dr. Tomas McFie, Michele McFie, R. Nelson Nash and David Stearns discuss the Infinite Banking Concept.

Approximately 97% of Americans suffer from poor financial planning. This troubling statistic causes many people to worry about their present money situation and their future, especially retirement. Most of the American public believes the best way to save and prepare for retirement while they’re young is with investments. But investments are speculation and can lead to loss or little return on investment. What most people don’t realize is that there is a more effective way to save for retirement: the infinite banking principle. Becoming your own banker sounds too good to be true to some, but it is true and can be your Rx for wealth. 

The Trouble with Understanding a Truth

Many people have trouble understanding the truth behind becoming their own banker because it is so different from their traditional views on finances. Understanding becoming your own banker requires a paradigm shift and an understanding of the three stages of a truth. These are the reasons that infinite banking isn’t something everyone you know does yet. These are the stages of a truth that individuals as well as society pass through: 

  1. Ridiculed. You may find your neighbors ridicule you for taking a different financial path than they are. Ridicule is a common reaction when you tell someone about becoming your own banker.  
  2. Violently opposed. This reaction to truth is more common from financial planners and bankers. But it’s important to remember that they make their living from traditional banks, so they would naturally be opposed to a new approach that doesn’t require their services.
  3. Accepted as self-evident. Once we push through, eventually the truth, including that of infinite banking, becomes accepted as self-evident. This will happen in time for infinite banking in society, but individuals can pass through this stage and begin the prescription for their wealth. 

The Goal of the Prescription for Wealth

Because so many people misunderstand how to be their own banker, we’ve written Prescription for Wealth that teaches similar principles to R. Nelson Nash’s book. You can download our ebook, in a similar format to a Becoming Your Own Banker pdf. The goal of these resources is to help you design your own “bank” that works for you and your family. Our book and our business is built around coaching you as you adopt these principles. Here at Life Benefits we help you through each step of the process to finding the “Rx” investment banking for your finances.

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