Winning Your Financial GAME

Winning Your Financial GAME book

by Dr. Tomas McFie

If you really want to hit a grand slam right out of the park then applying the messages throughout this book to your money management is a must.

Using the life experience of hundreds of clients along with my own real life experience with money management gleaned from starting and owning multiple businesses and corporations, Winning Your Financial GAME was designed and written for you to learn how to lower your financial handicap without having to pay for it the hard way.

Written in the language of a sportsman, the principles and concepts outlined in this step-by-step guide will eliminate the confusion that has been propagated about using participating whole life insurance as a means to self-finance things you need and will purchase in life. This is an age old message simple to use, in spite of an attempt by some to turn it into an almost secret society, where those on the inside claim to be the only ones who can really comprehend it enough to help you participate.

A startling fact revealed in Winning Your Financial GAME is that “you don’t need to own participating whole life insurance to learn how or to practice the concept of self-financing!” However, the case is made and finalized that if you choose not to use participating whole life insurance in your self-financing system, you may never be as profitable.

Clearing the cobwebs that have been spun around the theories such as the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank On Yourself and Be Your Own Bank will add to your enjoyment of this work.

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